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Container shipping

Container shipping

Container shipping.

  • On regularly base we receive containers from foreign countries with several parts en tractors
  • Because of good contacts we can allow loading of a container in every city in the USA or we can arrange that the parts will be delivered at the loading adres.
  • Did you buy a tractor, car or parts, We can arrange transport for you. All containers are professional loaded according to the official conditions. ( see terms)
  • Of course all vehicles are secured in the right way to prevent damage also for bikes
  • We also send container from Europe to the USA



Besides we take care of the papers you need for example the papers for:

  • Loading and unloading
  • import and export
  • custom house  

Are you looking for a special part or tractor and you cannot find it?

We have good contacts in Europe , USA and Canada, so we can try to find it for you.

For mor information or if you want to have a price, you can contact us at: (

Loading : well secured in 40-foot containers
Unloading: with great care!

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